Troy Aitken Photography

An Established Photography, Videography, Prints and Custom Frame Art Studio in Nassau Bahamas. With over 40 years of experience, handed down from father Andrew Aitken to his son Troy Aitken. 

Troy has developed a unique and distinct photographic style that sets him apart from conventional photographers. His photography images speaks of his creativity and craftsmanship, which is his signature style recognisable in The Bahamas. An ordinary image turns into an extraordinary image under precise post production.


Troy covers an extensive scope of photography ranging from Portraiture, Wedding, Commercial, Aerial and Underwater Photography. His witty personality enables him to make his clients feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Troy continues to raise the benchmark of excellent photography and is respected by his peers and love by his clients!


At Troy Aitken Photography, we make you Shine like a StarWhether it's your fabulous wedding, stunning glamour session, cherished family portrait, amazing aerials, stylish interiors, yummy food shot. You indubitably get the Finest quality!

Studio: +1 (242) 325 1771 ex 2


Cell: +1 (242) 424 6434

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